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Alchemy Consulting Practice aims at being at the sweet-spot of, “What our Clients Want”, “What we are Passionate about” and “What we are Good at”. We are committed to ensuring that all our consulting staff members meet and exceed Professional and Ethical standards. Alchemy Consultants are Global in their thinking and continue to advance in their respective fields of expertise. As your Trusted Partner, our goal is to make a lasting impact.

Uniqueness of this Sector

The business challenges of yesteryears were about designing products and services, achieving quality standards, controlling costs and developing new markets. The business issues today are very different such as, attracting skilled talent, aligning and engaging people, anticipating unstated client needs, continuous focus on productivity and innovation. With millennials claiming an important place in workforce and new employment models emerging, workplace ethos is changing at a pace faster than ever.

The Alchemy Advantage

A team with bright and agile minds, we always challenge the status quo, examine humdrum structures, rigid beliefs and repetitive styles. We closely look for opportunities to accomplish higher tangible results in the client organization. Alchemy is not just an advisor but also a co-journeyman with the client. We take responsibility for the entire OD process, comprising of Diagnostics, Design and Delivery. Our multi-faceted team of facilitators co-create a new reality with and for the client organization.

Alchemy Offerings

Our Engagement Process

industries and corporation process

Quick Look at Our Portfolio


Business Accumen & Strategic Thinking

Take aways: A rough idea of Balance Sheet, cost v/s benefits of a spend, Wider commercial impact of managerial decisions, introduction to decision-making models
Methodology: Business simulation, Master class by Expert, Case studies
Batch-size: 20
Duration: 2 Days

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FIRO-B Workshop

Take aways: Understand own and others’ interpersonal needs, introduce adaptations through practical tips, Individual and Team Report
Methodology: Original instrument, explanatory workshop, exercises
Batch-size: 7-50
Duration: 1 Day

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Authentic Influencer

Take aways: Empirically proven brain-based skills & practical techniques for influencing multiple stakeholders
Methodology: Content, videos, Role-plays, supervised practice
Batch-size: 20
Duration: 2 Days

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Executive Coaching

Take aways: Generative, Inspiring and Expansive experience, Renewed sense of purpose, significant increase in clarity, productivity as well as emotional maturity
Methodology: Conversations, instruments, tools, action plans
6-8 Individual Sessions
Duration: 6 to 8 months

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