Value Yourself! Love Yourself!

Alchemy’s Executive Director, Jayshree Kirtane, was interviewed as a part of a global video series ‘8 Women, 8 Inspiring Stories, on 8th March’. She was featured alongside 7 other splendid women coaches from the USA, South Africa, U.K. and India. Dr. Paras, an accomplished Life Leadership Coach himself, brings out the best insights through his perceptive questions.

In this powerful video, Jayshree shares her views on the co-existence of the feminine and masculine energies and the true essence of being a woman. Listen to her own encounters with gender bias and how she countered those with her penchant for excellence and client-centricity.

Dr. Paras appreciates her deep thoughts and insightful messages to all out there.

Jayshree expresses in her easy-going conversational style and leaves a deep message for women, in the video below.