Knowing Alchemy

As we are all confined to our homes over the past few months, we are on the lookout for ways to combat the chaos at home. We are caught between working at home and managing our families. There is a huge gap between the functional family life we aspire to have and the present state that it is in. There may be a way out. By looking towards the workplace as inspiration we can solve
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If life is a game, are there other players? What are the rules of the game? Is there an umpire? What decides how well I played? I recently attended a WBECS session by Jeremy Hunter where I learnt about the concept of the inner game and the outer game. It speaks of the inner self-talk you have within yourself, of your values, assumptions, beliefs, ideas, and emotions. And then there is the outer side of
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Here is the latest video in Alchemy bundle of leadership stories ! An intriguing story of a family and how their day-to-day interactions lead them to a interesting situation. This creates ground to look into how we in our conversations voice our opinion and do we create that space for others?
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We as humans are an evolved species, but we have not evolved socially or neurologically in such a way that we can bear isolation. So much of what makes us happy involves proximity to another person. Although video conferencing has been around for two decades, most remote meetings were attended from a conference room. However, we are now attending all meetings virtually from our homes. This has led to the absence of a very important
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